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The Smart Cities / Digital Twin paradigm is rapidly moving from hype and marketing to real-world implementation in local agencies all over the world. Forward-looking cities are seeing the practical need for intelligent environmental analysis of development alternatives, and their stakeholders expect this to be done in a transparent way that allows citizen oversight and participation.


Early adopters of Digital Twin initiatives have learned two key lessons: a successful initiative must not only extend across city departments and functions, but it must also be reliably sustainable over time, especially in an era of shifting staffing and budgets.


Prevision Design’s leadership in 3D based environmental simulations and our expertise in bringing together virtual urban models from a variety of data sources, uniquely positions us to assist local agencies in developing compelling 3D models of their urban environment. We understand how to integrate to the industry-leading GIS and Smart City platforms and we can do this in a way that is accurate, affordable, and maintainable.


Prevision Design can extend your staff’s reach, and we can accelerate the delivery of the solutions your community needs. Let us help you assure the success of your Digital Twin initiative.

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