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Shadow Studies are increasingly essential due to to our cities and towns growing taller and denser. Understanding the environmental and social effects of shadow, whether required by shadow ordinances or as a response to community concerns, is a critical component in the evaluation of building proposal's impact on the surrounding environment. 

Prevision Design leverages our experience with city model building to create the detailed 3D model environments needed to perform advanced analysis of project shading effects on surrounding features.  Using our proprietary software tools and techniques, the precise time, location, duration, and areas of existing vs. new shadow can be calculated and mapped.


Each study we produce is specifically tailored to the needs of the project or to conform with the necessary regulations.  In San Francisco, the detailed reporting required by local codes requires extensive written reports which include shading calculations, graphics, as well as a written narrative of findings.  Other projects need different or more focused deliverables, such as quantitative data findings, color-coded graphics (static or "heat-map"), qualitative narratives, or dynamic shading animations. 

We also like to partner with design teams in the early stages of the project, where we can provide analysis and input on project massing options and alternatives.  Identifying and avoiding problematic shading impacts in the early going can help sidestep a lot of costly headaches later in the process.

recent shadow analysis work

The Hub Area Plan Analysis
Shadow Study, San Francisco CA

Shadow analysis of one of the most vibrant development areas in San Francisco, involving the review of the contemplated rezoning of 18 building sites and the potential sunlight access effects for 18 area parks and public open spaces.

Comprehensive CEQA analysis

Link to final study (906 pages)

Pier 70 Development
Shadow Study, San Francisco CA


Comprehensive CEQA/San Francisco Section 295 analysis​.

Full Animation Link

Mira Tower
Shadow Study, San Francisco CA

Comparison of two alternative designs for shadow impacts 

Comprehensive CEQA/San Francisco Section 295 analysis​.

Block 1.png

Analysis of a residential addition's shadow impact on a neighbor's façade.

2921 Vallejo
Shadow Study, San Francisco CA
2930 Valejo facade animation.gif

Comprehensive CEQA/San Francisco Section 295 analysis​.

1052 Folsom Street
Shadow Study, San Francisco CA
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