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photometric analysis

Built off the platform of our shadow analysis tools, Prevision Design's lighting analysis analysis goes a step further to evaluate the net change in lighting that would be caused by a proposed project or between project alternatives.

Beyond the evaluation of the overall mass and shape of a project as required to determine shadow casting, this form of analysis looks at how a proposed building's specific materiality affects the reflection or absorption of environmental light from the sun and/or other sources affects its surroundings even at times where no direct sunlight is present.

This form of analysis uses analytical rendering software output to calculate the values of light (lux) of targeted areas to determine how light levels may be affected under different scenarios.  Our analysis also translates the how mathematical light level output in lux would compare to human perception of light, accounting for the dynamic characteristics of human vision.

Our services are always tailored to the specific needs of the project and we provide analysis in both graphic (perceptual renderings and photometric heat maps) as well as quantitative output (annualized light levels, computation of change in perceived light levels).

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